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  • Home for the Holidays!

      Just a little post featuring the pics I took today. This watch is from Casio Vintage and I think it’s really cool! My parents both said it’s very “80’s” and they expressed their distaste for it lol. Oh well haters be haters. Also check out that book on my nightstand I need to read… […]

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  • Clothing Haul | November

    HAUL TIME! I really want to start posting blog posts that I would love to read.. which is why I am making this one! Clothing hauls are my favorite things EVER because I love seeing people’s style shine through with what they purchase. Soooo without further ado, these are the items I’ve purchased recently or […]

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  • A Random Room Post

    A random Tuesday evening post! I didn’t really know what to say in this post I just wanted to share some of the pictures I took in my room earlier. I took these after my near-mental-breakdown. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my account and my brand image, so it’s been hard for […]

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  • Thankful

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!! This year I am focusing more on the people I am thankful for rather than the things.. obviously. As cliche as that sounds, it’s definitely true. I am very thankful for my friends especially. My college friends are my sidekicks, we’re like a group of six girls that connect on some sort of […]

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  • Ice Skating | Washington D.C. Day One

    Today was so much fun! My family and I spent time walking around downtown Washington DC. I’m happy because it is actually cold here, contrary to the Florida warmth. I like experiencing cold weather when cold weather is supposed to happen,  aka winter. Winter in Florida is non-existant… After walking around a couple museums we […]