My Oxfords

I really wish I had a retro-looking bottle of Coke for these photos… Oh well.

I found these cute shoes at the thrift store today and I just had to have a little photoshoot with them! How could I resist? They were in the little boy section and they were $5. They’re a size 7 1/2 which is the tiniest bit big for me but I think I can manage.

A little story about oxfords… I’ve always had a weakness for them. I got my first pair during the summer of 2015, before my freshman year of college. They were white with lace, and they were from H&M. (Pictured above). I purchased them in Georgia when I was shopping with my grandma and my aunt. You could say they started my obsession. I wore those shoes to DEATH all throughout freshman year of college! I wore them with anything and everything.

The next summer of 2016 came and I decided my H&M white oxfords needed an update. I came across another white pair of oxfords on Zara’s website, and I decided I NEEDED them. They were about $40 which was a pretty steep price for me, but I figured it would be worth it since I wore the other ones so often. When I first started wearing the Zara oxfords, I actually hated them. They gave me a copious amount of blisters and I didn’t really like the way they looked on. But as time went on, I started wearing them more and more. Then I became obsessed with them. Lol.

These last pairs are from Primark and although I do not have too many photos of them, I wore them a TON. Summer of 2017 was in full swing and my mom and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Boston. While we were there I came across the beautiful Primark, and I found these oxfords. They’re white with a little flower cut-out detail. (They were only about $13!) I was so excited to find some more oxfords because my Zara ones were incredibly beat up and gross. I wore these Primark oxfords to work and class. They’re surprisingly the most comfortable pair of all!

This summer, summer of 2018, I knew I wanted to get another pair of oxfords to complete my little collection. Since I got some for freshman, sophomore, and junior year, it was only fitting I find a pair for my final year of college. The last three were all surprises since I was not expecting to find them. So I knew I wanted this last pair to be ones I find somewhere random. I went to France and Charleston this summer so I searched in those places but came out with nothing. But, of course, I randomly venture into a Goodwill and find some gems where I would least expect them.

Thank you for reading about my oxford collection. I doubt you even care but I hope it was at least a little entertaining. I love making posts like these. 🙂