In My Mailbox | July 2018

Hello!! Welcome to my little corner of the internet 🙂 I am super excited to create content for my blog that I really like. That being said, I’m not sure if this is a common type of post amongst fashion or beauty bloggers, but back in the olden days of book blogging, this post was popular. Book bloggers would always receive books in the mail from publishers, (as they still do), and they would make one big blogpost featuring all of the books they received that week/month. They called it “In My Mailbox” and I always loved looking at those posts. I decided to create something similar!

These posts will focus on the items I receive in the mail. I’ll do it monthly since I only receive 3-4 packages a month, just enough to make for a cute little blogpost. If I receive more than about 5 items in a package, I will probably make a blogpost focused on that one package. But usually I receive about 2-3 items per package.

Today is focused on the brands that I received items from recently. I hope you enjoy!

Made by Mary

Zola Customized Disc Necklace – $56

Kicking off this post, I wanted to show the cute items I received from Made by Mary. They caught my eye because they sell customizable necklaces and jewelry pieces. I already have three necklaces with my name on them, so I decided to try something a bit different this time around. I requested the word ‘fearless’ on my necklace because it’s one of my favorite words. I do draw inspiration from Taylor Swift, because she’s stated that fearless is not the absence of fear, but rather living despite fear. I’ve always loved that perspective, and I wanted to be reminded of it. I got the gold necklace, and the 18″ length.

Poppy Bracelet – $42

Omg! A bracelet that actually fits me! I love this little disc bracelet. I have been wearing it non-stop since I got it a couple weeks ago. I have the gold version with the 5.5″ size.

Poppy Choker Necklace – $48

I loveeee little choker! I am a fan of layering necklaces, so I knew I wanted a couple of necklaces at different lengths to layer.

Lali and Layla Swimwear

Asher Top – Cherries Baby / As If – $69

Lexie Botton – Cherries Baby / As If – $69

This is actually the first reversible bathing suit I’ve ever owned and it’s AMAZING. If I was going on some sort of summer beach trip or something, I would totally bring these bathing suits. You have so many options and variations with these bikinis. Love it!

Jagger Top – Vintage Rose / Hamptons – $77

Inka Bottom – Vintage Rose / Hamptons – $63

Sooooo I was a little sad by this set. I LOVE the top. LOVE it! But the bottoms are a littleeee too scandy for me. They’re definitely a thong style which I wish I could rock but I just don’t think I have that confidence (lol). But for a thong bottom they are super cute! If you’re into it, I recommend.


Women’s Open Toe Mule – $168

When I was contacting this company for collaboration, they gave me a list of shoes that I could choose from to receive. I decided to choose a pair that I would normally not gravitate towards because I need to step out of the box a little. I went for these mules, and I am happy I did. I usually do not wear black, so I rarely wear black shoes in the summer. When I received these, I immediately knew I had to wear them. I also cannot wait to style these in the fall! (Luckily for me, it’s okay that my toe is exposed when wearing them in autumn because a Florida’s autumn is much like other state’s summers). (It’s still hot).

Sans Souci Stores

Ruched Off the Shoulder Crop Top – $19

I am actually impressed with this top! The fact that it is only $19 is amazing. The top is soft and stretchy, and I love the way it fits. The only problem I have is trying to figure out what bra to wear underneath… It’s a bit of a struggle because I HATE wearing strapless bras. But I might have to suck it up…

Amore Cropped Hoodie – $26

This hoodie comes in three colors!!! I was having a serious debate with myself when I was trying to decide on the white hoodie or the red hoodie… Ultimately I chose the white one. Classic me. The hoodie says ‘Amore’ on it which is ALSO a classic move on my part. I’ve been purchasing many items with French sayings on them lately!

Polka Dot Wrap Skirt – $29

I am quite sad because, unfortunately, this skirt does not fit me very well. It’s a bit too big in the waist. I wish it was tighter on me because I would’ve worn this skirt a billion times already! Polka dots are a current weakness of mine.

So that concludes this month’s In My Mailbox post! I know the month is not over yet, so there could be a part two, but for now this is what I’ve got. Thank you for popping in!