In My Mailbox #2


I am back at it again with another In My Mailbox post. I liked doing this last time so I do want to keep it up. Today I have quite a few little bits to share. (This is collective).

Also, as you can tell I have cut my hair a little shorter! I must admit, I am not a huge fan of the length haha. I’ve been debating whether I like it or not and I don’t think I do… I will deal with it for the time being but I don’t think I’ll ever get it cut this short again. But hey, I tried! Now I know! I definitely like for my hair to touch my shoulder lol 😉

Parker Smith

Ava Crop Skinny in Starry Night – $194

These jeans are so COOL with the little star patches! I am, unfortunately, upset because they’re a wee bit too snug on me. I am usually a 25/26 in jeans and this time I should have gone for the 26. Nevertheless, my waist size fluctuates often so I could probably fit into them if I started going to the gym a little more often ;P

Ava Crop Skinny in Abbey – $99

Again, I did get these in a 25 so they do not fit as well as I hoped. I really do like the style of them, though! I actually do not own any medium wash skinny jeans at the moment. I needed some!

Rainbow Shops

Knit Polka Dot Tie Neck Tulle Shirt – $19

This one is… interesting. I am definitely obsessed with polka dots right now and this top caught my eye. I thought I would order it and give it a whirl. After trying it on, I think this is one I have to wait to wear so I can wear it with the correct thing. I’m a little wary about it, but hey, we will see!

Striped Ribbon Trim Tube Top – $7.99

This one is simple and very Brandy Melville-esque. I am upset that this tube top is see through but a strapless bra is a quick fix.

Polka Dot Tube Top – $7.97

LOVE this little tube top! Mostly because I can go braless with it… But also the material is super soft and stretchy. It’s elasticated at the top so there are no worries of it falling down. Love it! (You can tell I have a polka dot obsession…)

Shop Dress Up 

Marcie Double Strap Sandals in Gingham – $19.99

Omg. I love these. I mean… just LOOK AT THEM. Obviously I have had a gingham obsession for quite some time now, but I’ve never gotten a pair of gingham shoes! Now I am just thinking of all the outfit possibilities!!!! But seriously, these shoes are really cute and easy to throw on.

Annika Smocked Tube Top in Ivory – $26.99

CUTE. I love this one! As you can tell, I have plenty of tube tops to last me a little while. This one reminds me of funfetti. I like it! PS why are my tanlines so prominent in these pictures???

Ramona Striped Romper in White + Black – $42.99

This romper has a sad story… it doesn’t fit. 🙁 The top is too big for me. It’s a cute piece, though, I would definitely wear it if it fit me!

Leanna Cropped Jumper in Burnt Orange – $44.99

This jumpsuit is definitely out of my comfort zone. I’ve always wanted to be able to rock the midi length, but I felt like I never could for some reason. But when I was placing this order I thought, I should really get something that I wouldn’t normally get. And guess what? (I really like it! I just have to iron the wrinkles out lol) But I like the way it fits and I have an outfit in mind for it already 🙂

Liingo Eyewear

The Jessie Eyeglasses – $129

These are TOO COOL. I am a fan of glasses and I always wanted to wear them when I was younger. I think they’re a cute accessory. These are going to look especially cute in the fall time! Love them.

Viscata Barcelona

Women’s Barceloneta Espadrille Flats – $79.95

I have yet to wear these out because I haven’t found the perfect outfit for them yet. They are my first real pair of espadrilles. I definitely have to figure out how to style these before summer ends!

Lotta from Stockholm

Classic High Heel Covered Mary Jane Style Clogs – $77.15

I have never owned a pair of clogs before!!! I was hesitant to get these, but once I tried them on in my room I was excited! I cannot wait to style these more.

Kay & O

Ella Ellis Leather Bucket Bag – $46.99

Beautiful bag. <3 The mail did not treat it very well since it came in a little deformed, but it has slowly been forming into its original shape again! Such a cute bag.

Brielle Boxy Crossbody Bag – $54.99

My edit on the photo is making this bag appear a lot more red than it actually is. It’s more of a deep maroon. This bag is definitely my favorite and I cannot wait to wear it with a simplistic outfit. I want the bag to pop!

Thank you so much for reading! I’ll catch you next time <3