Labor Day Has Come & Gone But I Still Wear White


Welcome back to my little blog. I just wanted to give a life update and tell you I started school back up again. This is my senior year of college which means I am ALMOST done with my academic life (I think). This is crazy and weird. I know people say this all the time, but I really do feel like college started last year or something. It’s been a crazy time.

But… It’s finally September! Labor Day has just passed and I honestly didn’t know it was Labor Day until about 5pm lol. We still had class, so I just thought it was a regular day. Labor Day got me thinking, though. Septembers have always been crazy months for me! Every year of college so far I’ve had a “whirlwind” September. And by that I just mean something extremely exciting or turbulent happens. New relationships, break ups, new relationships, break ups. Now that I think about it, Septembers always have to do with love for me. Huh. Well, maybe this September will continue the trend? (Doubtful, my life is boring in the love department and the near future doesn’t look too promising either).

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say I am sad to see summer go but I am happy to see another September. It’s become one of my favorite months for some reason.

Thanks for reading <3

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Shoes- Marc Fisher (Similar)

Skirt – Sans Souci Stores