A Cliche: Never Give Up :)

I wish my pocket wasn’t all messed up in these photos…

My friend Lauren and I saw these shirts at Forever 21 a while ago and we knew we needed them because we went to Cannes this past summer!

Anyway I have been bombarded with stuff and school and life these past few weeks. I am still trying to get into the groove of balancing school and everything I want to do on my own too. I love creating content for blogging and Instagram, but sometimes it’s hard to find the time. But I think time is what sets apart our passions from our “ehh I’ll do it later- but probably end up never doing it” stuff, ya know? We all have the same amount of hours in a day but we can use them however we please. Technically, yes, there are things we have to do with those hours like go to work or class. BUT. We have a lot of time that we can use for ourselves, and I think that’s when you see what you’re really living for. Do you use the time for friends? Writing? Reading? Video games? Browsing the web? Those are the things we find passion in.

For me, I love taking pictures of clothing. Ever since I discovered my own sense of style, I have been taking photos of clothes, and I haven’t stopped. It’s been a while since I started and I’ve been close to giving up many times. BUT for some reason I never do. I think it’s because every time I get discouraged and think of throwing in the towel, my brain gives me one more boost of encouragement. I get, like, a tiny little idea for another post or another photo location. I am happy this happens because if it didn’t, my account would have been gone a long time ago.

I hope you enjoyed reading although I am not quite sure where to take these post. Right now they are for my thoughts… maybe I’ll make them a little more organized and stuff. But for now it’s just fun and word vomit

Top – Forever 21