Agaci Haul & Review (4) | Summer Haul

The items in this haul look cohesive and that pleases me. Anywayssss here is my newest Agaci haul!

Denim Pinafore with Pockets – $26.90

I really wish this pinafore wasn’t so long on me. I absolutely love the way it photographs and the light wash of the denim. It looks amazing over tops! It’s just too long for my taste.

Pastel Blue Scallop Skirt – $19.90

I wasn’t sure how this skirt was going to pan out, but I love the way it looks! I have to roll up the waist since it’s a little longer on me than I would like, but once I do that I love the length. I cannot wait to wear this to a nice event! (Imagining it with my white pumps gets me excited)

Raquel Crochet Boxy Tee – $21.90

Oh. My. Goodness. This is SUCH a cute top! Very my style. I love the way it looks under the pinafore. This top gives any outfit a 60’s vibe and I am feeling it. The material is thin which means I can get away with wearing it during the summer. Cute cute cute.

Thanks for reading ☕

❤ Bradi