Glasses Collection

I’m sure most of you have seen how popular glasses are these days… especially on social media. I think glasses are super cute and a fun accessory to add to an outfit. All of the glasses I own are fake, because my vision is fine and I don’t really need a prescription 😛 But I love wearing glasses with my outfits to accentuate colors and the overall feel of the outfit! In this post I will be showing you all of my favorite pairs! (A special thank you to Sunglass Spot for gifting me most of these hehe) Also shout out to my friend Kate who says I’m appropriating glasses culture by wearing fake ones… 😉 Luv ya!

Vintage Lennon Inspired Round 51mm – $5

Retro Sophistication Lightweight Raised Bridge – $5

Large Oversize Horned Rim Bold Half Frame – $5

Ultra Modern Sophisticated Clear Lens P3 Frame High Fashion Glasses – $5

Retro Round Horn Rimmed P3 Frame Eyewear Glasses – $5

Gigantic Full Coverage 70mm Fashion Statement Metal Clear Lens Aviator – $5

Marin Cat-Eye Eyeglasses – RAEN – $170

As you can see, most of these you can find at Sunglass Spot for only $5 which is super cool and inexpensive! You can get a ton at once and feed your glasses obsession like meeee.

These last ones are from RAEN and I got them a good 6 months ago, and just recently started wearing them all the time. (Ask any of my friends, I wear them a lot..) I find they fit my face well and they are extremely good quality!!!

Thanks for reading!

Bradi ☕