A Little Fall Lookbook

My favorite season is almost over… But the holidays are coming soon so I guess that makes up for it.

I wanted to write a little blog post because I’ve been stuck. I’ve been in a creative rut and I don’t know which way to go in regards to my social media outlet. I LOVE Instagram and everything, but I’ve been posting on Instagram religiously for four years straight now and it’s starting to get really hard. The way Instagram is now versus when I started is like two completely different worlds. When I started it was so easy to grow as an account and reach people. Things like a “cohesive feed” and “high quality photos” existed but they weren’t absolutely necessary in order to grow like they are now. I’m not saying it’s impossible to grow on Instagram nowadays, but it’s not as simple as it once was.

This is why I want to branch out.. I want to continue to post on Instagram but I also want to use other forms of social media as well. I’m thinking about blog posts, sometimes with Youtube videos attached to add to the post. I love editing and filming videos (I’m even studying media production at college), so I definitely want to incorporate that into my hobbies.

I definitely do want to start posting blog posts more. I’ll post random things like “How I started Instagram” or “My Favorite Wardrobe Staples.” Just little posts that I think I would enjoy making. And I honestly don’t really expect too many people to read them, but I think it would be fun anyway. A little corner of the internet that is solely mine.

Thanks for reading… Thanks for your stay in the StylinCafe… Lol is that too cheesy…??