Top 7 Favorite Unconventional Christmas Songs

Since it is the day after Thanksgiving… it’s time to start playing Christmas music. I STRICTLY limit myself to only play Christmas music after Thanksgiving has happened because I like to keep it special 😉 So since I decided to take photos in a little Christmas tree farm thing, and since I’m burning a Christmas-y candle in my room right now, I am READy for those Christmas tunes. I thought I would share with you, my reader, my favorite songs for the season. Since I know you’ve heard the usual (but amazing) “Last Christmas” by Wham! and “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey, I thought I would share some more unknown Christmas bops that I’ve found over the years. These are in a particular order.

7. The Christmas Song – Mindy Gledhill 

Okay so this SONG itself is definitely conventional, but I love the way Mindy sings it! Mindy Gledhill is one of my favorite artists because I just love her voice and her music, so when I found her Christmas album on Spotify I was so excited. The ukulele sounds so nice with her voice and I just… I love it. Songs like these make me wish I could sing and play the uke lol.

6. Best Christmas Ever – Julian Moon

Julian. Moon. Is. So. Underrated. I found her about a year and a half ago and I fell in love with a few of her songs. This little Christmas song of hers is so literal in the most charming way. She has a great way of making mundane things sound cute in a song. (Her song Loser exhibits this wonderfully.) You just have to listen to this Christmas song to understand why I love it so much.. especially since the line “…we may be broke in this warm weather but I know it’s gonna be the best Christmas ever” is quite relatable to me.

5. Home for Christmas – Maria Mena

This song is sad but such a pretty tune. I love just a simple piano with an enchanting voice. This one is great to listen to if you’re feeling emotional about Christmas with family and all. It’s a beautiful song!

4. Dear Santa – Mr Little Jeans 

This is honestly the most random artist ever because I had never heard of Mr Little Jeans before, but I loveeee this cute tune. I can’t exactly describe the way it sounds but it has a cool record-like sound to it. I am a huge fan. Also the album cover is so freaking adorable I might have to recreate it…

3. Cuddle Up – Catey Shaw

Again with the cute female voice, I’m a sucker for these. This one reminds me of cozy sweaters and mittens and fire and marshmallows. It’s a great tune to play in the background because it has all of the nice Christmas bell sounds and all the goods.

2. Shake Up Christmas – Train

I loooooove this one. This song was in a Coke commercial a few years back and I remember my cousin sending me the link and saying, “I love this song!” I watched the commercial a billion times mainly because I just wanted to listen to this song. (This was wayyyy before Spotify was a thing for me.) It’s just a really fun Christmas song that’s a bit different.

1. Winter Dreams (Brandon’s Song) – Kelly Clarkson

Okay. May I just say: this is possibly my FAVORITE Christmas song. It may top Mariah Carey… crazy I know. The reason I love it so much is because it’s kind of a sappy love song / sing along song / Christmas song. That makes for a wonderful combination. I also love Kelly’s voice in her entire Christmas album… it’s just so good.I rarely hear this one played in stores and things which is why I would classify it as unconventional. But seriously… I can’t wait to jam to this song soon! The first ten seconds make me SO EXCITED.

Thank you for reading about my favorite unconventional Christmas songs! Hopefully you found a new bop to listen to this season <3