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I really want to start posting blog posts that I would love to read.. which is why I am making this one! Clothing hauls are my favorite things EVER because I love seeing people’s style shine through with what they purchase. Soooo without further ado, these are the items I’ve purchased recently or received in the mail! PS I wish I could say this is a Fall clothing haul but… I live in Florida so I can’t really buy too many “cold weather” items.

Forever 21

Contrast Lettuce Edge Top (Similar)

I noticed a lack of black in my wardrobe recently so I told myself I need to buy more black items… Lol. I’ve already worn this top many times since I got it and I know it’ll be a staple in my wardrobe come winter. I actually have this same shirt in white and I wore it more times than I can count, so I though the black would be just as good!

Lettuce Edge Trim Tee (Similar)

This. Shirt. I love it. I’m a sucker for frills and I am a sucker for white, so this shirt is perfect for me. It’s the perfect fit for me to throw on high waisted bottoms and walk out the door! A simple but cute top.

Faded Denim Jacket

I’ve finally found my perfect denim jacket!!! I am so happy I found this piece. I have a denim jacket already but it’s collarless and kind of hard to style. I needed a simple, run-of-the-mill denim jacket and I’m happy I found this one!

The Copper Closet

Green Off the Shoulder Dress

I’ve been working closely with The Copper Closet recently so I am able to find my favorite pieces from them easily. This dress is so cute and casual!

Off the Shoulder Gingham Top

The gingham obsession will never end apparently. I saw this top and immediately knew I wanted it, especially since it’s off-the-shoulder which is different from the other gingham tops I have.

Gold Moon and Stars Choker

I’ve been super into chokers recently so when I saw this one I picked it up right away! I love layering longer necklaces and chokers together.

Brook & York

Quinn Enamel Bracelet – $56

Warning! This bracelet is quite big! I have to wear this bangle on my upper arm since if I wore it on my wrist it would slide off haha. But I loveeee it! It’s so cute and I love the pale pink aspect to it!

Nella Mini Nameplate Choker – $82.00

I am SOOO happy about this one! So I received a nameplate necklace in the mail years ago, when I first started my Instagram. I wore it and featured it in sooo many posts. I used to wear it every single day for about an entire year. I decided to indulge in another nameplate necklace since I loved my old one so much! This one is different because it’s more of a choker and it’s a bit more dainty!


White High Tops

Yayyy a new pair of white Converse!!! I bought a pair of these about 5 years ago now so I though I was due for some new ones!

All Black High Tops

These are going to be a little difficult for me to style since I rarely wear black. But I’ve always seen girls wear these and sometimes they look reallyyyy cute. Soooo I though I would try!


Black Velvet Long Sleeved Top

This sweater is really cool! The tie-up detail on the side is my fave.

Zuma Turtleneck Sweatshirt – $168

This sweatshirt is stylish but really cozy! It’s the perfect length for an oversized fit!

Brooke Turtleneck Bodysuit – $132

THIS item is one of my faves in the entire haul! I lack some nice striped long sleeves in my wardrobe so I was excited when I received this one. It’s soft and very form fitting. I’m a fan of it!


Star & Moon Series – $15

A cute little dainty choker <3 I rarely wear silver (which is weird since I think it suits me more) but now I own this little necklace and I want to start wearing silver again! BTW the quality of this necklace feels more valuable than just $15!!!

Smiling Star & Moon Stud Earrings – &15.50

Can you sense a starry theme?? I don’t know why I’m so drawn to stars and moons lately. These earrings are incredibly cute and I’ve been wearing them non-stop for the past two weeks! I wear them in the shower and everything, they haven’t tarnished at all. Good quality pieces!!


Aubrey Low Block Heel Ankle Boots – $30

I have a black bootie obsession since I literally have about five pairs now… more than anyone ever needs. These are a cute combat style with a block heel!

Dottie Pointed Toe Sandal – $26

I wore these the other day and I received so many compliments on them! They’re such a classy shoe, and they’re really unique looking. They remind me of the 60’s!

Fashion Trend LA

Striped Cropped Top – $14.99

I just received this top today! As I’ve mentioned before, I love off-the-shoulder tops AND frills AND stripes so… this top is basically the best lol.

Andddd to finish the haul with my favorite item…

Honey Hoodie Crop Sweater – $18.99

I freaking love this top!!!! I am a huge fan of yellow lately and I’ve wanted a top that says “honey” for a while now. The color combo is really unique and I am so happy I picked this one out. It’s the perfect crop fit! I can’t wait to lounge around in this soon!

Than you SO much for making it through this haul and reading about my new pieces.

Thanks for reading!



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