Styling Converse For Winter

Here are a few outfits styling Chucks for the winter time! I’m so happy winter has blessed us with its presence <3 I was thinking about all the things we get to wear in the winter time, like boots and scarves and jackets. But we often forget that we can still wear sneakers and make some cute winter outfits.

I realized that I love tucking sweaters into my high waisted jeans! I think it’s cute and cozy. So for this outfit I tucked my Christmas jumper into my high waisted mom jeans. I added a hat and my white high tops!

I think it’s much more acceptable to wear white in the winter time because it reminds me of snow and ice. Many people think it’s a fashion faux-paux to wear white in winter because you’ll “blend in with the snow.” lol. Anyway this outfit featured white pants, a grey sweater, and my cute pink beanie. I added my white high tops and the look is complete!

Lastly for the black pair. When it comes to all black converse, I always saw edgier people rocking them and I never knew if I could rock them too. So I decided to try out a pair! I paired them with an almost all-black outfit. I like the way it looks! I felt very hipster as I added my glasses!

Thanks for reading about the ways I style Converse for the winter time! 🙂 Hopefully it inspired you at least a little <3




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