My Go-To Dress

This navy/floral dress is one of my favorite pieces. I bought it back in September when my friends and I went on a spontaneous trip to Forever 21. It’s navy blue with little flowers outlined in white. The flowers are filled with autumnal colors such as cranberry and mustard. I love pairing this dress with my dark red colored booties and my matching dark red bag (both from Forever 21 of course). It’s hard to tell, but the dress has a collar on it as well, so I am able to layer sweaters on top and have the collar peek out. Since it doesn’t get very cold in Florida, I am able to wear the dress as is. However if the temperature were to drop, I would most definitely add my tan cargo jacket and tights to add a bit of warmth. 

Thanks for reading! Xx

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  1. Nicole says: Reply

    Hello, I’m in love with that dress but I can’t find it in the online shop.
    How much did it cost ?

  2. wendy rother says: Reply

    Beautiful! I love the dress and the background you are standing in! Very Pretty!

  3. Monica MA says: Reply

    Love your blog <3

  4. Monica MA says: Reply

    your style is amazing <3

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  6. Nikki says: Reply

    Love the feminine flow of the dress with edgy booties!

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