A Cozy New Cafe

I feel like I change the look of my blog pretty often… I am still trying to figure out how I want it to look. The newest design probably won’t be the last one, but it’s good for now. 😛 I am happy to be writing on my blog again since I’ve taken a hiatus since Christmastime. I just get discouraged with this blog and I’m not really sure why. I think maybe it’s just time consuming and I only have so much time to spare (lol). College can be draining! But hopefully I can get into the swing of things.

Lately my life has been busy! But I’ve been extremely happy lately. I was at a low point this past summer, and the beginning of fall wasn’t great either. The summer was… lonely. I worked at a stressful retail job, my two best friends were out of the country, and I felt left out of everything. I felt like nobody really cared what was happening in my life unless I explicitly told them. It was kind of sucky, but I got through it and I’m feeling so much better now! I’ve been making new friends and I’ve been creating more. I’m happy with where I’m at and I’m excited for the future! 🙂

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