New Room!

Finally!!!! Finally finally finally I have a room with a WHITE WALL. And I could not be happier. Everyone probably thinks I am insane and they probably are annoyed by the fact I mention this so often, but having a white wall in my own room with good lighting has always been a dream :’) Basically, I got an apartment for the summer and the upcoming school year in my little college town. I am finally moving out of the dorms and living in my own little space (with a housemate!). I am really excited because my new room is bright and beautiful.

I find that my motivation always hinders on my environment. When I am in my bright room at home, I feel more inclined to create things and take photos. Unfortunately, while my dorm right now is decorated nicely, the walls are grey and the furniture is dark. The lighting in the room is extremely blue and I find it hard to get nice photos from inside this dorm. In high school, I had a room with good lighting, so my entire feed consisted of room photographs. Which was great! But coming to college, I lost that well-lit environment. Actually, freshman year of college my room was HORRIBLE for taking photos! Okay well… Let me explain. Personally, I like whites and cooler tones for my photos. My room freshman year was dark and yellow– not my ideal lighting. I was extremely discouraged in that room and I never wanted to create any content. (That’s why my photos freshman year were… lacking). BUT NOW! Now I am about to move into a white room with two windows and I couldn’t be more excited. I will be doing a room tour blog post once I decorate!

I don’t really know why I wanted to come on here and write about that fact that I like white rooms and I doubt anyone cares/ I doubt anyone is reading this, so it’s okay. Anyway this little photoshoot was the first of many in my new room. I am wearing my new top from Forever 21 that has little roses on it, and my jeans are from Pacsun! (Of course). OH and my cute red and white gingham scrunchie is from Forever 21 also. I have a gingham obsession and it simply must stop.

Anyway. That is my update. Thank you for reading! (If anyone actually did read this…)