Striped Shorts Love

Yes I definitely am wearing sunglasses indoors lol.

HELLO! I wanted to make this blogpost because I took some of these pictures today & wanted to share them. Yesterday my roommate and I went shopping and we popped into Cotton On. Usually I am indifferent with Cotton On, I like it but I usually end up never getting anything. But yesterday was different because as we walked by the store I was drawn to the red and white striped shorts that lay on the table inside. I was like…… Omg. So. We had to go in an I had to try them on! I love them so much. Like. What. They are SO CUTE. And so -me-. They give me major summer vibes and I can’t wait to keep rocking them! They are definitely going to be my go-to Fourth of July shorts lol!!!

In other news, do you recognize the tapestry hanging on my wall behind me?! LOL. That’s the one I had hanging up in my room in high school!! I still love it and I’m really happy we could hang it in this room too.

Anyways. Please stay tuned to my blog because I will be posting pictures from my upcoming trip to France! I’m eagerly awaiting my trip! I’m still debating whether I want to bring my DSLR or not… But so much of me says yes… so maybe I have to. We will see. These blog posts are just me putting my entire stream of consciousness onto “paper.” But oh well!

Thanks for reading! (If anyone actually read this!) ♥