My Top 5 Favorite Instagram Accounts

I’ve been on Instagram for what feels like forever. I’ve been through many of Instagram’s waves and I’ve followed a copious amount of accounts since I started back in 2014. Whenever I begin to like an Instagram account, I REALLY like it! I’ll check it every day and make sure I haven’t missed a post. Today I am going to share with you my top ten favorite Instagram accounts. These will be in order from my oldest favorites to newer recent favorites. Enjoy! I hope I send some new faves your way! <3


  1. @ninauc

I have been following Nina for yearssss. Actually my best friend from high school tagged me in her photo one time to show me the cute outfit she was wearing, and that was when I discovered her! Her style is amazing and especially back in high school it was very similar to mine. I wished I could look as cool as her all the time. She also has a rockin’ bod that has definitely inspired me to get fit. I’ve chosen just a few of my favorite pictures from her to show you!

2. @belenhostalet

Just like Nina, I’ve been following Belen since high school. Her style is also really similar to mine and I always loved looking at her photos. I still do! She has evolved into a great Instagram with insanely pretty pictures. I was always a fan of her long hair because it was exactly how I wanted mine to look when mine was long. Love her!

3. @collagevintage

One of the dreamiest accounts! I loveee the way Sara creates her images and I love her style. As you can see, her mid-shots are my favorites by her. But she always has the prettiest pictures that give me so much inspiration! I strive to be her lol.

4. @shethespy

Omg! I found Joey because a month or so ago she made a ton of super popular templates for Instagram stories. (I think she makes the best ones!) I was drawn to her feed instantly and became an avid follower. I also really like her style and the way she edits her photos. (I even bought one of her presets!) If I ever need inspiration I can always look at her page.

5. @zoelaz

Last but not least, my favorite Instagrammer! I get so much inspiration from Zoe because her style is amazing and her photos are just incredible! I love her aesthetic and the way she edits. I check her page about twice a day to make sure I don’t miss any of her posts… lol. Her life looks amazing! Why can’t I be her!!!!!