Charleston in June


Hello! This past weekend I took a trip up to Charleston to visit one of my good college friends. It was really great!

This was actually my second time in Charleston because I took the same trip back in 2016. I visited my friend and we had fun walking around town. This time was the same, but different. It’s interesting to go on the same trips or do the same things annually because it makes you realize how much you’ve changed.

I remember last time I came in 2016 I had just finished up freshman year of college and I was happy. I had many friends and my summer was going well. I was relishing in my independence, as well. My Instagram was finding success that summer and I was extremely content. Fast forward to 2018, a lot of things are different. My friendship with the friend I visited has become stronger and I have a few more life experiences under my belt. My hair is shorter and my style is slightly different, and I am still happy. But it’s easier to notice my growth as I visit the same place after a couple of years. Although it is completely the same, the place feels… different. Because I am different.

I am definitely happy I got to go and visit my friend. Although it rained most of the trip, we still walked around and shopped, of course. We visited some cute cafes and ate at some cool restaurants. We had drinks at a restaurant to celebrate my 21st birthday! All was good and fun and I am content. 🙂