Just an Update


Currently sitting at my terminal about ready to visit my friend in upstate New York. There are ants crawling all over these seats and I am not happy about it.

Anyway I just wanted to write this post because I felt like writing. This blog is kind of where I can purge my thoughts… throw them into the void sorta thing.

Lately I’ve been feeling discouraged about my social media account. I’ve been running my fashion Instagram for almost 5 years now and it’s been really hard to keep up. I go through periods of time where I love it and I love creating content, but I also go through periods of time where I want to give up and forget the whole thing. Lately it’s been the latter. I constantly compare my account to others and I constantly feel like nobody cares about my account anymore. Well, nobody except the people in my life who know about it and talk about it to be often. That’s the hardest part… when people I know tell other people, “yeah she’s Instagram famous!” but those people don’t understand that my Instagram isn’t thriving or doing well and I feel like a failure. It’s like if you are really good at making crafts and you sell them and that’s what you’re known for by your friends but then you go through a period of time where your crafts suck and nobody is buying them. You don’t want other people to see how you’re kind of failing. Yeah that’s how I feel.

Nevertheless, I persist. Every time I get into this weird funk where I want to shut the whole thing down or change my whole layout or change my entire aesthetic, I usually get out f it. It takes time but it’s all a part of my process. I don’t know where this account is taking me but I’ve always known there is a reason for it. I love creating content and this account is my outlet. I always want something to show for myself, something to keep me and my creative mind busy. I just have to keep it going.

Thanks for reading this blogpost of me basically talking myself up and making myself feel better. lol.

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