a little bit lost but happy

I notice that only one of these photos show me really really smiling, which is weird because I was incredibly happy during this little photo shoot.

My boyfriend and I decided to go walk around and take photos because we were having a bit of a slow day. I’ve been applying to jobs and stuff but part of me feels hopeless and that my applications are being thrown into the void with no return or interest. Obviously, this is not the case, it just kind of feels that way. I force myself each day to go to a coffee shop or sit at my desk and apply to as many applications as I can, and this seems to be making me feel a bit better although again, is anyone seeing them? lol.

Nevertheless, other than the stress and looming anxiety of finding a job, I’ve felt incredibly at peace with my life. I know I am where I am meant to be and I am with the people I am meant to be with. I’ve discovered what makes me happy and what makes me feel productive. I spend my days trying to find things to do that exercise my brain. I find that is incredibly important for anyone.

Anyway, this was just another little update. 🙂 An update to basically say: I am still on the job search LOL