Staying Busy

So a while ago I had to do a video interview and I wanted the background to be cute, but my room wasn’t ~my aesthetic~ so I wanted to change rooms in my house to one that was brighter! My mom kindly did that for me. Anyway.

I am currently sitting in a cute coffee shop in Westchester, Pennsylvania and I am obsessed with this cute little town. I often seem to come up to the north when they’re haveing, like, the best weather possible. What can I say? I guess I bring the Florida warmth and sunshine. But speaking of Florida, I am completely ready to move away from that state. It is too. darn. hot. I am over it! Coming up to the north makes me realize how much I love the north… and Florida is just not my cup of tea. I need a job up north. But hey, we’re trying here.

I am actually in Pennsylvania to explore the cities and also go to a job interview. I’m extremely excited for this interview, but I am also quite nervous because I REALLY want this shop. (It’s actually a paid internship but that’s a job to me lol). It would be a dream position for right now. But whether I get the job or not, I am proud of the fact that I even landed an interview! That’s an accomplishment to me.

I think August is going to feel weird because I’m going to feel like I am going back to school. And when I don’t that will freak me out. I think that’s why I am so calm at the moment, because it hasn’t settled in that I actually graduated college. But it’ll hit me eventually. Right now I am just riding this unemployment wave 😉

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