the waiting game


I am still kickin’ it in Florida these days. I am waiting patiently as I apply to jobs and take a step into the next phase of my life. I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen or where I am going to end up but I’m just taking things as I go. I am currently waiting on the news of a job I applied and interviewed for recently. This is a dream position for my life right now so I am hoping I get it. If not, my little heart will definitely be crushed but oh well. 🙂

It’s weird that August has come around but I don’t have the anxieties of school anymore. I always remember thinking: someday I’m not going to have to worry about school anymore! How crazy is that! The day has come and I am feeling bittersweet about it. I am actually someone who enjoyed school and liked having tasks and a solid schedule. I loved my classes in college and my friends and I were all so close. It’s weird to know that I won’t be showing back up to my college this month with another list of classes to attend. My graduation hasn’t fully hit me yet, and I think having September roll around is going to solidify the whole thing.

I am just hoping that I can find a position that I am eager to begin in a location I am excited to live in. Fingers crossed!