Post-it® Notes Time

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe it’s already August! I’ve always dreamed of the day that the month of August doesn’t give me back to school anxiety. That day has finally come!!! Although I have other anxieties like finding a job & moving cities & getting into a new routine & making new friends & all that jazz. Which is a lot more than just general school anxiety. Lol. Anyway!

Today I am partnering with Post-it® Brand and talking about the various ways I use Post-it® Notes for my own productivity. When it comes to assignments and deadlines, I am an extremely organized person. I make sure I do not procrastinate assignments or anything like that. I’ve always been this way (*cough* I’ve learned not to do this from years of watching my school peers suffer from their poor procrastination decisions *cough*). For me, I always leave little reminders for myself so I do not forget any important dates or deadlines. 

To help me do this, I use Post-it® Notes on my desk and computer because these are the places I spend most of my productive time. I used to use them religiously in my school planner to remind myself of the various deadlines I had.

Post-it® Notes can be used for many things outside of school, too. Recently when I was doing a video interview for a job I was applying for, I had to remember little things to say about myself and I had to remind myself of key words to mention in the interview. I stuck Post-it® Notes on my computer screen with the keywords to help myself remember what to say.  

Another way that I am going to use Post-it® Notes is to plan my outfits! I actually thought of doing this recently. When I was in high school, I used to always plan my outfits the night before. I recently discovered that if I think of an outfit, I can write it on a Post-it® Note and stick it on my closet door to remind myself what to wear the next morning. You could even use this method to plan the outfits of your week! 

There are so many little ways to use Post-it® Products, especially for the school season. But even if you’re not going back to school, Post-it® Notes are incredibly useful for every day life! 

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