new beginnings!!!

Hello hello! I am back onto my blog!

It’s been a bit since I have written on here and a lot has happened since. I have moved myself and my things up to Philadelphia, PA! It’s been an adventure doing so, but it’s been so much fun. I am so happy to now have my own corner of the world in a city. It’s something I’ve always wanted for years. As for the job search, I have gotten a part-time job at a French bakery (that I will be starting tomorrow!) as a barista and helping with social media. I am very excited to get my life started in this new city.

I am happy because before, I was feeling very lost. I had a lot of self-doubt wondering if I would ever get a job or ever have a life somewhere new. I realized I needed to take the jump and make my way to a new place to have a new environment for growth. I know working at a local business will definitely help me establish myself in this big city.

As for my apartment, the process of actually getting the apartment was quite stressful. I was already up in Philadelphia on the 31st of December, and my mom was planning to come up on the 3rd of January. So I had to basically have an apartment picked out and signed for by the time she came so we could start shopping for furniture and getting everything sorted. *stressful.* LOL. On top of my fit of stress, I was sick. So… not the best timing.

But I did tour quite a few places. The first place I toured was definitely the one I thought I wanted because of how adorable it was, it had great natural lighting, and white walls. I saw the photos online and I was in love!

Above are the photos I took and as we toured I realized the little flaws it had. The rent was a bit steep, the landlord experience wasn’t great, and the shower just creeped me out lol. Also you can tell from the images it had other little quirks too like a small fridge. Soooo I had to keep looking!

I toured quite a few other apartments but they were either high in rent, or they had really old amenities. Also some of them had laundry in the basement which was a bit creepy LOL. But eventually I found my cute little apartment!

The apartment I ended up with is probably about 250 square feet, but it’s perfect for me. The only issues I have is the wall color and lighting, because I am used to bright white rooms. I knew I would have to deal with this though because my first apartment won’t be completely perfect. But for right now and this stage of my life, this apartment is wonderful. It’s in a great part of town walking distance from shops, it’s in a safe building, and there is laundry in the building (although laundry charges an arm and a leg)! I was so happy to find it.

As for everything else, like I said before, I got a little part-time job at a bakery a few blocks from my apartment. I start tomorrow and I am excited to embark on something new. I have been eager to explore the city more and find a community to join. We will see how all of that goes! I hope to share blog posts more often so I can keep a record of my life!

Thank you for reading! 🙂