take time for yourself until you’re you again

Hey all!

I am writing this on Sunday night. I am so unbelievably tired but here we are.

This week has been a bit difficult mentally, since I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. I’ve been more irritable and moody than usual. I think I’m clamoring for some stability, whether that’s with a job or just a routine. Luckily I started my new part-time job that I am happy about! It has been really good so far and I think it will be a great way for me to meet people and make more connections in this new-to-me city.

I took some photos in my room this last week and I must admit… they’re a bit too dark for my taste. I think I like them for my personal Instagram feed (@bradi) which is a bit darker, but for my fashion account it won’t fly. But that’s okay. I am adapting 🙂

I took this photo (above) when I got home from a mini morning shift at my new job. I was really happy because I felt like I accomplished something! I think I made a new friend at work and I improved on the skills needed at that job. I was really tired though because I had waken up at 5am LOL.

One thing I’m going to work on this next week is being more patient and kinder, even in the moments I am feeling irritable and down. I tend to lash out on the people closest to me, the people who are just trying to help me. I know I am acting this way because my happiness is lower than usual, but I have to just push through. It’s hard to think about this time last year and how much more positive my headspace was. It’s okay though, there has to be rain for the flowers to grow. That’s the saying right??

See you next week!