the calm before

Back with another post. Does anyone read these? Meh, doesn’t really matter.

This past week has been pretty good! I worked a few days in the week and had to wake up quite early. I learned how to open the bakery properly. I absolutely hate being bad at jobs right off the bat, which is understandable since I’m very new to everything. But yeah… I’m pretty slow at this one. Today I messed up a few things and spilled milk everywhere. Many mistakes were made, but that’s how I learn so it is fine.

In other news, I think I am doing something exciting tomorrow. I can’t really talk too much about it but I am hoping it goes through and everything works out.

As for the rest of my life, I’m just pushing through my feeling of sadness and weirdness. It’s been hard to adjust to my new life up here in the city. I am very used to the slow moving, friendly faced, warm state of Florida. Philadelphia is definitely a change but I think I’m figuring it out. I really am loving the hustle and bustle of the people on the streets, mixed with the peacefulness of the people in the quiet suburban areas. I am figuring out my life around here and I think that is very important for me.

My boyfriend and I got to have two double dates this past week! One was with a friend I made on my internship a couple summers ago, and the other was with a couple who lives an hour or so away. They happened two nights in a row so I guess my boyfriend and I are pretty popular. Just kidding. But I was happy to go out with other people and be social! Especially since my boyfriend got an actual jobby job so he won’t be as available coming up.

So anyway if I do end up going to this thing tomorrow, you will get all the details in the next post. Other than that, thanks for reading!

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