quarantine day…16

I haven’t updated in a while. The last I updated was the end of January. I had my bakery job and I was learning the ropes! I am happy to say I finally got used to that job only to have to leave and be quarantined for who knows how long. But anyway, all is good with that job!

I am also happy to announce I started an internship a few weeks ago at a marketing agency in Old City. Which is cooL! I am very excited about that. It’s been good so far I actually feel appreciated and needed. I like it!

As for now, we are in quarantine. Since about 16 days ago. I’m staying at my boyfriend’s apartment which has been pretty fun actually! We just kind of sit around, do some productive things, and watch tv shows. We’ve been watching Seinfeld recently. And the Great British Bake Off (which is our favorite). I realize how important it is to find someone who likes to consume the same type of media as you. Like, our music taste isn’t the exact same but there’s enough similarities. When it comes to tv shows and movies, though, we’re golden. We both agree we don’t like horror, and we don’t really like suspense/thrillers. We just kind of like comedies or light-hearted tv shows. It’s a nice thing to share! Pretty important, I’d say. lol.

Anyway, who knows how long quarantine will last. Obviously the world outside is scary and pretty sad, but this little bubble has been happy. We’ve been making the most of it. Kicking it on the couch with my cat watching a 90’s sitcom. Kind of all I’ve ever wanted to do with someone. So I can’t complain too much. 🙂

Thanks for reading! Bye!

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