Back to School: In My Backpack

It’s that time again. August! The dreaded back to school season is here… I used to dread back to school time so much because I get so nervous for change and the start of a new school year. I would always get anxious when I shopped for my new supplies because it meant I would have to face another year of classes and I never knew what to expect.

This year is different… I think because I am going back to a school I really like and I’ve been through my freshman year of college, it’s done. That gives me so much relief! I know the city, I know my way around campus, I have friends, I have a great roommate, and I’m really excited!

To feed my excitement, I’ve gotten a couple new things for school this year. Firstly, I have this backpack! It’s a gorgeous leather backpack from Grafea. Their backpacks are to die for! Mine is from the Hari Collection and it’s in the color “wine.” I will definitely be sporting this backpack when I travel in the future as well as carrying my books and stuff for class!

Another item I’ve gotten for school is a trusty planner. I remember getting my very first planner in third grade, our school gave each student an “agenda” to use for the school year. We were required to use it and write all of our homework assignments, and I realize now how happy I am that I was forced to use one. I CANNOT do school without a planner. I do not understand how people can go through high school or college or life without a planner. It blows my mind honestly. I love to be organized and I love to write down things that I am able to check off. If I don’t write them down I feel like I will never remember them. So shout out to those people of this world that do well in school without a planner, I don’t know how you do it but wow, mad respect. ;P

For those of you that DO use planners, I have a coupon code for your own personal planner from personal-planner! Personal-Planner allows you to design your own planner for your personalized necessities. There are so many options to choose from. I got a little one and put “la vie est belle” on the front because I think it’s cute! I had a little too much fun choosing all of the different colors and types of paper I wanted in my planner.. 🙂

If you want to design your own personal planner, use my discount code “S-TYLE-CAFE.” This is valid until August 11th! <3

Thanks for Reading!