A Little Spring Photoshoot

It’s spring!!!! I mean, it’s been spring for a hot minute but it has just recently hit me with its presence. The weather has been beautiful and the temperature has warmed up. Also, May is coming soon! Which is my favorite month of the year. (And not just because it’s my birth-month).

These pictures were taken the other day. My friend Kelly and I love to go out and take photos! She’s the best person to take photos with because she understands what I like and I can 100% be myself around her! That always produces the best results haha.

This little lookbook features some of my favorite pieces and my favorite color palette for the spring. I am especially loving pink, white, and blue. My absolute favorite shoes to wear at the moment are my white Adidas! I found these ones at TJ Maxx and I was so excited about them. I wear them way too much. I am also sporting my favorite sunglasses which are these white narrow framed, cat-eye sunglasses!

Thanks for reading <3