A Striped Building Photoshoot

Today my roommate and I decided to go out to take photos in front of this striped building in our town. We saw it in passing all of the time, and finally decided to drive over to take photos. It was a fun little trip! On our way back home we stopped at a cool coffee shop and we both got iced almond milk lattes. 😉 We all know who we were inspired by.

In this shoot I wore my favorite little set from Tobi. I really like this set! I paired it with my white slide on shoes from Target and some narrow framed glasses.

Also, I am trying out new things with my editing styles. I’ve been messing with Lightroom to see what presets I can come up with on my own to make my photos very ~me.~ I’ve been using the same VSCO filter for years and while I like it a lot, I feel like it doesn’t do a very good job with outdoor photos. So I’ve created (and I’m still working out the kinks) my own little presets for my account! Hopefully they look okay haha.

I hope you liked this little post 🙂